Segezha Packaging Denmark switches to wind power

Segezha Group’s (a Sistema company) packaging production plant in Aalborg, Denmark, this year became the Group’s first facility to switch to totally CO2 free electricity.
By using renewable energy to power the plant’s manufacturing operations, Segezha Packaging Denmark has dramatically reduced its carbon footprint. Thanks to this initiative, 100% of the electricity supplied to the plant now comes from wind power.

On the back of the Danish government’s ambitious goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030, Segezha Packaging Denmark switched to green electricity at the beginning of this year. The company is therefore making a significant contribution to the region’s transition to renewable energy.

The switch to wind power will also help reduce the carbon footprint across Segezha Group’s European assets. Segezha Packaging’s progress in this regard is visible in its annual report on the CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, which showed a 14% carbon footprint reduction for 2018 and a 5% reduction in 2019. These figures are calculated in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) and include all relevant emissions for Scope 1 (production facilities & vehicles) and Scope 2 (purchased energy).

“Sustainability continues to be an integral part of our everyday business. We are closely following the latest trends in this area, while at the same time aiming to improve our environmental performance through ongoing initiatives and development projects within the organization” – said Rinat Stark, CEO of Segezha Packaging.

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