MTS launches KION video streaming platform

MTS announces the launch of KION, an over-the-top (OTT) video streaming platform for mobile devices and smart TVs. The revamped app — available in the Google Play and Apple App stores —  features thousands of films and hundreds of TV channels, and it will also be the exclusive home for a slate of original MTS and partner content.

KION aims to provide a unique offering for Russian viewers that brings together world-class licensed content with a steady stream of unique, exclusive titles — KION Originals — including feature films, documentaries, and comedy and drama series. KION’s library will also be supplemented with content from MTS partner Channel One Russia, the country’s most-watched TV network.

In addition, together with the new platform MTS Media is launching a new flexible film format — called kinostories. Viewers can choose to watch a kinostory either in a single session or, alternatively, as a series of specially-edited 10-15 minute segments. Kinostories put users in control of the viewing experience, enabling them to consume content when, where, and how they want — from a relaxed weekend evening at home to a few free minutes during the weekday commute. 

MTS President & CEO Vyacheslav Nikolaev commented: “Launching an online streaming platform under a new brand is a major milestone for MTS as well as a strategic step forward. I am confident that KION will provide viewers an exhilarating experience full of excitement and emotion. This provides a great opportunity for us to strengthen brand loyalty across the entire MTS ecosystem. By tying the platform into our other services — as well as leveraging our big data and AI capabilities — KION will be able to provide customers a unique, personalized content offering at an attractive price point.”

MTS Media CEO Igor Mishin commented: “Our new streaming platform will help guide viewers through the universe of stories. KION is always online and ready to share exciting events one after another — a hypermarket of experiences. Looking ahead, we have filled our pipeline with a slate of originals, with new exclusives premiering every month in 2021. We are launching new formats and building a personalized recommendation system that will provide a qualitatively new viewing experience — in the future content will adapt to our lifestyles, and not vice versa.”

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