MTS and MEDSI launch a platform for mobile telemedicine services

The first product to be launched on this platform is the SmartMed app. SmartMed allows customers to arrange consultations with MEDSI doctors by video call or instant message from anywhere in the world. The app allows users to speak to a doctor directly from home or in an emergency, call a doctor and an ambulance, make appointments to MEDSI clinics, and keep medical data in a smartphone.

The app provides up-to-date information on MEDSI clinics and doctors, allows patients to see their online and offline consultation history (from the date they registered with SmartMed), and keeps a secure record of all the documents that have been saved by the patient or sent by the doctor, including prescriptions and test results. The joint MTS and MEDSI app connects patients not only with general practitioners, pediatricians and therapists, but also with the most popular specialties: allergists, otolaryngologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists and others. The choice of specialists advising patients online through our app will continue to expand going forward: from next month, the list of specialties will increase to about 20.

SmartMed users can be confident that their personal data is stored in a secure segment of the MTS cloud infrastructure #CloudMTS. To protect this data, we use a set of specialized security solutions, including a system of certified cryptographic communication channel protection, anti-virus protection, the counter threats to prevent unauthorized access, and vulnerability analysis software.

Alexey Kornya, President and CEO of MTS, commented, "Today, we launched a telemedicine platform that will serve as a base for the development of additional services in the digital medicine space, a strategically important business area for MTS. Our goal is to develop digital solutions, which encourage and promote preventative medicine, and help to educate patients about their health. We are currently exploring the possibilities of introducing solutions in the fields of early diagnosis and online health monitoring. We are also developing an automated data analysis system which will provide individual patients with personal recommendations. We actively support innovation in the field of medicine, and we work with Russian universities and technology start-ups in this space. We have opened a Master's program in telemedicine at the Moscow Polytechnic University, launched a digital medicine branch of the MTS Startup Hub, and promoted studies on the introduction of telemedicine in coordination with the Higher School of Economics. Research supports our optimistic forecasts that there will be considerable growth in digital medicine in the coming years both in Russia and globally." 

Elena Brusilova, Presidentof Medsi Group commented, "The development of telemedicine gives access to quality medical care for a wide range of patients, including those in remote regions, small towns and villages. Today, we are delighted to announce the telemedicine solution we have developed with MTS, our SmartMed app. This is a unique product in the digital healthcare space, and the combination of MEDSI's medical expertise and MTS's digital experience serves as a great example of the kind of innovative synergies occurring between different companies within the Sistema Group. We hope that with the adoption of the law on telemedicine, our MEDSI doctors will be even closer to their patients. We know that our medical staff will continue to demonstrate the high levels professional competence across a wide range of specializations that we pride ourselves on. Our specialists guarantee that patients using the SmartMed app will receive the same high quality of treatment that patients in the MEDSI clinics get. Having had a consultation through the SmartMed app, patients can also arrange appointments with our specialists in person. In our clinics we use the latest equipment and the most advanced technologies, so all our patients can be confident in the quality and competency of our medical professionals." There are many further benefits of the SmartMed app: it can help prevent diseases through early diagnosis, gives patients fuller explanations of their medical test results, and gives them the option to have additional consultations with their doctor after a live appointment. Additionally, it gives patients the option to get a second medical opinion, helps them monitor any wearable devices, and gives them general health and wellness recommendations. 

For further information, please contact in Moscow: Joshua B. Tulgan Director, Department of Corporate Finance and Investor Relations Mobile TeleSystems PJSC Tel: +7 495 223 2025 E-mail:

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