Sistema BioTech

An innovative biotechnology company specialising in scientific research and genetic developments. Key focus areas: genetic diagnostics, production of test kits, cell technologies, biobank and biopharmaceuticals.


99 percent

R&D portfolio

9 products

in 2020

> 2.5 mn test kits

Development Strategy

The company’s strategic goal is creating a biotechnology lab with a full cycle of research activities (from gene sequencing to the production of active molecules) and subsequently developing biotech products in top-priority areas of medicine and pharmacology.

The main priority of the strategy is the use of international best practices, standards and experience of researchers in the areas of biomedicine, gene diagnostics and personalised pharmacotherapy. Sistema BioTech’s research activities are focused on the most important branches of medicine: oncology, cardiology, reproductive medicine (including severe congenital disorders) and neurology.

The team

Artem Sirazutdinov


Natalia Pozdnyakova

Research Director


Key products

1 patent for the composition of the reagents

for coronavirus RNA detection

3 test kits for COVID-19 diagnostics

registered in Russia
In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s activities were reoriented to create products for the detection of the novel coronavirus. After analysing the accuracy of the products available in the Russian market and coronavirus testing around the globe, Sistema BioTech’s researchers were able to create the first convenient and accurate product with a focus on covering the key needs in diagnostics using Russian reagents in the test kit. The first test kit was registered by Russia’s healthcare officials in just a month after the start of the project.
The test kit was praised by experts after comparative trials at:
  • Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology,
  • Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine,
  • Moscow’s Centre for Hygiene and Epidemiology,
  • ArkhiMed Lab.
Having accumulated significant experience in organising COVID-19 diagnostics on various equipment, Sistema Biotech constantly improves its approaches and expands its product offering. The company’s rapid tests produce results in 20 minutes and can be used as part of a mobile lab, which contributes to timely and quick detection of the virus with limited time or resources.
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International Medical Cluster

Sistema BioTech is a resident of the International Medical Cluster (IMC) at Skolkovo, where the company’s new R&D lab will be located.

This R&D lab will become one of the largest private labs in Russia. It is intended for research activities in the field of genetic diagnostics and predictive & personalised medicine, and for development, application and integration of advanced cell and genetic technologies into clinical practice. Early diagnosis of genetic disorders and development of biotechnologies to personalise medical care for a number of severe diseases are just some of the tasks of the R&D lab. Sistema BioTech’s main objective is to develop Russian science and introduce advanced international standards for testing and treatment.
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