Leading multi-category e-commerce platform and one of the most valuable internet companies in Russia. The platform offers wide selections of over 100 million unique SKUs across 20 product categories. Ozon Group also includes the country's leading online travel agency Ozon.Travel and holds a stake in Russia's largest digital books platform Litres.

31.8 percent

gross merchandise
value in 2021

448.3 bn ₽

merchants on

> 90 thousand


> 25 mn

Development Strategy

Ozon’s fulfillment infrastructure and delivery network provide one of the widest coverage among e-commerce players in the country, enabling thousands entrepreneurs to sell their products to millions customers across Russia with a fast and convenient delivery via couriers, pick-up points and parcel lockers within walking distance. 

Ozon is actively developing as an online platform — over 90% of its assortment is formed by the partners of marketplace, which generated 65% of company's gross merchandise value (GMV), as of the end of 2021. In addition to its core e-commerce business, Ozon is expanding Ozon Fintech and other value-added services such as its quick commerce and online grocery solution Ozon.fresh.

In 2021, Ozon, that was a leading logistical operator in Russia as of 31 December, began a robust international expansion into Belarus and Kazakhstan, where the Company intends to develop its own logistics infrastructure and trading platform for local entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

The key strategic priorities of the company include:
  • further improvement of customer loyalty by expanding the product range and offering quality customer service;
  • attraction of vendors by enhancing existing and creating new vendor solutions;
  • further expansion of operations in Belarus and Kazakhstan;
  • development of promising business streams, enhancement of efficiency and unit economics. 
Annual revenue
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Financial performance 2021

+ 127 %

Gross merchandise value

+ 202 %

Оrder numbers

+ 71 %


64.8 %

Share of marketplace GMV
GMV including services grew by 127% to reach a record RUB 448.3 billion for 2021. A key driver was growth of orders, with order numbers increasing by 202% year-on-year to 223.3 million due to growing number of customers as well as increasing client loyalty and engagement.

At the same time share of marketplace GMV increased to 64.8% for 2021, demonstrating strong growth from 47.8% for 2020 and from 17.4% for 2019.

Total revenue increased by 71% year-on-year in 2021 to RUB 178.2 billion, driven by strong results in retail business and Ozon marketplace.

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E-grocery and express delivery

10 cities of Russia

dark stores infrastructure

In 2021, Ozon Express delivery service expended beyond the Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and launched in-house production of ready meals, thus developing its private label goods including coffee, milk, snacks and other products under the Ozon brand. To enhance its perception as a service of quick delivery of fresh products the business unit was rebranded as Ozon Fresh in March 2022. Ozon fresh product range includes both food and non-food items. The service, having the dark stores in 10 cities of Russia, offers its customers an express 1-hour delivery and a super express 15-minute delivery in Moscow. 

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Logistics infrastructure

About 1 million sq m

warehousing and logistical capacity
In 2021, Ozon continued large-scale expansion of its logistics and fulfilment infrastructure, including warehouses, distribution centres and a network of dark stores, in order to provide faster delivery to buyers in the regions and provide more logistics options to local sellers. Ozon opened a new fulfilment centre in Khabarovsk, that has become the first one in Far East, and largest logistics center in the Siberia with a capacity to store 4 million items and process more than 85,000 parcels per day. Ozon also launched its logistics hub in Tatarstan, which can process about 80 thousand parcels daily and store almost 5 million items. Aa result, the storage capacity of the company almost tripled compared to 2020. As of 31 December 2021, the company was a leading logistical operator in Russia: it operated about 1 m sq m of warehousing and logistical capacity.
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Fintech services for buyers and sellers

2 million debit cards and accounts

as of the end of 2021

Ozon created the first e-commerce bank in Russia, offering unique financial services for clients and merchants of the marketplace. In 2021, the company successfully launched a number of fintech products, including payment and lending tools for buyers and sellers of the marketplace, and also acquired a banking license, that gives Ozon the flexibility to support current and launch new financial products, as well as optimize acquiring costs. Based on the license, an electronic wallet Ozon Account is being developed for instant payment for purchases on Ozon and receiving сashback. Fintech products improve customer experience, increase the flexibility of payments and enhance customer loyalty, resulting in a greater frequency of purchases and driving merchant turnover, while entrepreneurs use Ozon.Invest, a lending platform for sellers, to finance their business on the marketplace. 

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