Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) is Russia’s largest mobile operator and a leading provider of media and digital services, including a full range of solutions for consumers and business customers across wireless and wireline connectivity; OTT, linear, and satellite TV; digital-first banking and financial services; as well as unified communications, cloud computing and IoT. 


49.7 percent

in 2021

534.4 bn ₽


> 88 mn


8.8 mn

Development Strategy

MTS focuses on expanding convergence beyond connectivity by providing fit-for-purpose offerings for the modern digital lifestyle to improve people's lives and support digital transformation of Russia’s economy along with well-balanced business development, market cap growth and higher returns for investors. 

In 2019, the new strategy “Customer Lifetime Value 2.0 (CLV 2.0)’ was approved for 2020–2022, which is aimed at the creation of a large-scale ecosystem on top of a strong MTS telecom core, with a wide range of proprietary and partner digital products and services, a seamless user experience and the highest value for customers.

The main goal of CLV 2.0 strategy is to maximise long-term Value that MTS gets from the Customer throughout entire Lifetime (a period during which the customer uses MTS's services) by better meeting the customer’s needs in various areas of life, attractive bundled offerings while increasing loyalty and overall time customers spend within the ecosystem. 

MTS plans to allocate up to 20% of its core CAPEX for new business segments. After achieving considerable scale, these segments will be spun off as stand-alone companies with prospects for an IPO at multiples exceeding those of the core communications business, making it possible to maximise MTS's shareholder value.

Annual revenue
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Financial performance 2021

+ 8 %


+ 6.9 %


111,7 billion ₽


43 %

OIBDA margin
In 2021, MTS revenue increased by 8% year-on-year to RUB 494.9 billion due to increased consumption of telecom and ecosystem services including fintech and media solutions, as well as higher internet traffic and sales volumes of handsets and accessories.

In FY 2021, OIBDA grew by 6.9% to RUB 229.8 billion, driven by higher demand for financial services, the recovery in the entertainment industry and changes to the company's product portfolio.

Capex increased by 14.7% year-on-year in 2021 to RUB 111.7 billion, primarily due to increased investments in network development in order to expand 4G capacity, and also due to investment growth in new business verticals as part of the company’s drive to develop its digital ecosystem.

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MTS Investments

191.8 billion ₽

assets under management (31.12.2021)

Top 15

Russia's largest asset managers by AUM
In 2017, MTS entered the investment services market by purchasing 30% of Sistema Capital from Sistema Group, and in 2021 increased its share to 100% to expand ecosystem of MTS’s financial services with new offerings for retail and high-net-worth individuals (HNWI).

Sistema Capital is a professional securities market participant that has been providing asset management services for individual and corporate customers since 2001. The company offers investment products, including bonds of Russian and foreign issuers in various segments and geographies, shares of companies from various countries, and derivatives.

Since 2018, MTS and Sistema Capital are developing MTS Investments digital platform with mutual investment funds for retail investors. In 2020, MTS Bank and Sistema Capital launched a joint brokerage and trading platform that enables private users of the MTS Investments mobile application to invest in investment funds, open brokerage accounts and independently trade securities on the Moscow Exchange. The company also began offering a new financial tool for its customers – closed mutual investment funds, which represent a quality alternative to open funds in terms of investment in non-traded instruments, such as real estate.

In 2021, Sistema Capital was ranked 12th among Russia's asset management companies in terms of assets under management (AuM) by Expert RA rating agency, that confirmed the highest (A++) rating of the company's reliability with a stable outlook due to the high diversification of the business, the growth rate of assets, as well as the quality of assets under management. Sistema Capital’s bond funds held high positions by yield among open bond mutual investment funds with net asset value exceeding RUB 50 mn. 
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Open innovations

Over 100 teams

have been accelerated

About 80 pilot projects

launched with MTS

Over 25 sturtups

moved to the scaling stage

5G Centers

in 3 cities of Russia
Аs a tool for development of digital products in the retail and corporate markets, MTS launched in 2018 its Center for innovation and investment that enables technology startups to integrate their solutions and products with the company’s business. MTS StartUp Hub is a platform for the work with young technology companies, consisting of a corporate accelerator, MTS venture fund, international scouting and the 5G Centers in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod.
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MTS Media

MTS Media is a unit within the MTS Group responsible for the development of Group’s media assets and entertainment products. Areas of activity: production and distribution of own content, management of cable and satellite TV, IPTV and the MTS TV application. In 2021, the company launched KION, an over-the-top (OTT) video streaming platform for mobile devices and smart TVs. KION aims to provide a unique offering for Russian viewers that brings together world-class licensed content with a steady stream of unique, exclusive titles — KION Originals — including feature films, documentaries, and comedy and drama series.
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Esports and gaming

MTS entered the eSports market in 2017 with acquisition the Gambit Esports organization, one of the leading eSports clubs in Europe. The interactive media platform WASD.TV is a streaming service, on the basis of which MTS develops various solutions in the field of gaming, professional e-sports, and multimedia content.
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Next-generation networks

Over 15 projects

of corporate LTE/5G networks
MTS upgrades operating network of the fourth generation to 5G-ready, implements 5G solutions on it, launches pilot zones of the fifth generation, as well as conducts successful technology tests and 5G solutions in partnership with the leading global vendors (Ericsson, Huawei). In July, 2020 MTS was the first in Russia to receive a license to provide mobile services under the 5G/IMT-2020 standard in the 24,25-24,65 GHz range in 83 constituent entities of the country. More than six 5G pilot zones were arranged in three regions of Russia, 5G technology testing was carried out in two regions, and in March 2021, MTS announced the launch of Russia’s first large-scale 5G user pilot network in the 4,9 GHz range in 14 popular locations in Moscow. MTS is actively deploying the first in Russia dedicated industrial networks Private Network (Private LTE and Private 5G-ready) for the largest enterprises. The new business direction of dedicated Private LTE /5G-ready networks acts as a conductor of Industry 4.0 for corporate customers.
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Artificial Intelligence Center

The MTS Artificial Intelligence Center (MTS AI) has been operating since 2017. It is engaged in the development of unique innovative products, that supplements the existing MTS services with new functions based on natural language processing technologies, voice recognition and computer vision, and creates products in the field of customer service, medicine, law and other areas. MTS is a member of the Artificial Intelligence Alliance that develops AI technologies in Russia. INTEMA by MTS AI is a business group with a focus on investment and developing artificial intelligence technologies. INTEMA includes seeks to bridge business and developers of AI technologies and lend them support in developing their innovative AI products via VC fund, accelerator and venture studio.
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Cloud and digital business solutions

Over 2 thousand

clients of #CloudMTS


data centers

The cloud business of MTS includes one of the largest cloud providers in the country #CloudMTS, the IT-GRAD provider, the 1cloud platform for small and medium-sized businesses, the Avantage and other data centers. The cloud ecosystem of MTS includes solutions in the format of  private, public and hybrid clouds, a range of consulting and professional services, data center services, and telecoms services. MTS also provides business clients and government customers with solutions on the basis on the Internet of Things based on its own platforms, the capabilities of Russia’s largest Internet of Things network NB-IoT. The company’s portfolio includes complex industry solutions for customers from the segments of housing and communal services, real estate, transport, retail, industry, etc. 

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MTS Entertainment

Over 60 cities in Russia

of online ticket services' operations

Over 90 million

online concert views
MTS Entertainment is a unit established in 2019 within the MTS Group to develop projects in the field of offline entertainment and related online services, including ticket operators Ticketland and Ponominalu and the MTS Live service, represented in more than 60 cities in Russia. MTS Entertainment also develops partner and its own concert and theater venues (such as MTS Live Arena in Moscow and a network of venues in the regions). The company organizes concert, theatrical performances, tours and shows with leading Russian artists throughout the country. MTS Entertainment operates the MTS Live platform for online concerts. In 2020, MTS was one of the first to launch a series of online of music concerts and festivals of Russian celebrities using VR, AR and XR technology. It also launched the MTS Live Studio project to support niche and festival musicians.
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Digital healthcare

In 2018, MTS and Medsi started strategic cooperation in the area of digital healthcare with the launch of the SmartMed telemedicine platform. On the basis of this platform the companies will develop a range of eHealth solutions. MTS in cooperation with the National Medical Research Center for Cardiology under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has created the MTS 120/80
application, that allows to calculate the “age” of the heart, simplify the storage of blood pressure data and track medication intake, as well as remotely consult with a cardiologist using SmartMed. 
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