Medsi Group is Russia's largest national healthcare chain, offering a full range of preventive, diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation services for children and adults.


95.5 percent

in 2021

30.1 bn ₽


7.3 bn ₽


> 10 mn

Development Strategy

Medsi's strategy aims to create the nation's first federal-scale multi-specialty healthcare provider offering a full spectrum of services. This includes:

Further enhancement of market share through organic growth and M&As in and around Moscow:

  • launch of new 28 thsd sq m multi-specialty medical centre Michurinsky;

  • launch of at least 5 new outpatient clinics, including 2 family practices and 3 local practices; 

  • expansion through regional M&A and franchise partnership projects.

Further enhancement of operating efficiency and ongoing operational improvements:

  • change of customer relationship approach from managing traffic to managing lifetime value;

  • managing seasonality through demand forecasting, cost planning, and smart scheduling; 

  • optimisation of incentive plans through economies of scale;

  • flexible OpEx management through a system of case-specific debits and implementation of "lean production" principles.

Digital transformation:

  • further refinement of SmartMed telemedicine platform and expansion of the variety and range of services provided;

  • partnership projects in AI and healthy lifestyle services;

  • development of BigData for joint clinical research with pharmaceutical and technological partners.

Annual revenue


Financial performance 2021

+ 20.2 %


+ 5.3 %


3.7 bn ₽

Net profit

+ 7.4 %

Operating income
In 2021, revenue increased by 20.2% to RUB 30.1 billion, which was driven by utilisation of medical centres; the opening of new clinics in Moscow and other regions of Russia; developments in telemedicine; the provision of in-home care; as well as the launch of a company-owned lab network.

Adjusted OIBDA increased by 5.3% to RUB 7.3 billion in 2021 thanks primarily to positive revenue trends and against a backdrop of indexation of salaries to market levels. 

Adjusted net profit increased by 7.4% to RUB 3.7 billion, following operating profit of the company.
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Digital health

In January 2018, Medsi first launched its telemedicine platform developed in conjunction with MTS. The company plans to further evolve the solution through new digital services and mobile app.
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New flagship clinic in Moscow

4 acting CDCs

in Moscow
The company is continuing the construction of the new multifunctional medical centre on Michurinsky Prospect with a total area of over 34,000 sq m, with the launch scheduled for 2020. The medical centre will include a CDC for children and adults, a daytime in-patient clinic, and a 24-hour in-patient clinic with a centre for high-tech surgery.

The new clinic will beсome the 5th in a number of Clinical-Diagnostic Centre (CDC) of Medsi, including CDC on Krasnaya Presnya, Belorusskaya, Solyanka and Grokholsky.
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Clinic network expansion

In January 2020, Medsi enhanced its presence in the Saint Petersburg market, having acquired Clinic Na Petrogradskoy Storone. The clinic, with a total area of 1,560 sq m, provides a full range of clinical services for adults and children. Since December, the clinic operates a chemotherapy department.

In March 2020, Medsi acquired ASPEC clinic network operating four clinics in Izhevsk (Udmurtia), including a CDC with a daytime in-patient clinic, a clinic for adults, a clinic for children, and a women’s wellness clinic with a total area of 4,344 sq m.

Medsi is aslo expanding its network of out-patient clinics in three districts outside central Moscow.
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