Element Group is a leading Russian microelectronics developer and producer that creates technologies to ensure digital economy development.  


49,5371 percent

in 2020

23.1 bn ₽

Share of
in revenue

13 percent


> 2.7 bn

Development Strategy

Element Group was established in 2019 as a joint venture of RTI Microelectronics (controlled by Sistema) and RosElectronics, that contributed to the JV controlling stakes in 20 enterprises operating in the area of development and production of microelectronic component base. Today the Group is the leader in the Russian microelectronics industry in terms of sales and technology level.

Element Group is comprised of the most advanced Russian enterprises operating in the field of microelectronics development, production and design. The products developed by the company are supplied as input material for the manufacturing, telecoms, financial and energy sectors, thus facilitating the implementation of projects aimed at development of the digital economy.

Element's development strategy envisages growth of production capacity, expansion of product output, and aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Business scale growth

  • Scientific and technological development

  • Development of design centres

  • Implementation of the road map for development of the high-tech segment "New generations of microelectronic products and development of electronic component base" subject to approval by the Russian government

  • Facilitation in development and implementation of effective government support measures in the microelectronics industry

  • Improvement of operational efficiency.

Achievement of these strategic goals will allow for a considerable increase in value of Element's assets and simultaneously address the priority objectives of Russia in the area of ensuring technological independence of critical information infrastructure.

Annual revenue

The team

Aleksandr Nazarov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ilya Ivantsov




13.7 mn

chip modules for bank cards, IDs and other documents

Over 2 bn

chips for export

Over 170 mn

chips for domestic market
Element includes assets representing the entire value chain in the area of microelectronic component base: from fundamental research to sales of finished solutions. Element's diversified product portfolio comprises solutions from over 15 enterprises and design centres. The Group is able to meet the demand of the market worth more than RUB 100 bln.

Element Group includes Mikron — the largest Russian manufacturer and exporter of microelectronics, the center of industry expertise and technological innovations. Company portfolio comprises more than 700 product types, including ICs for protected storage media and industrial application, chips for ID documents, banking and transport cards, insurance certificates and RFID tags to cope with the demand of the digital economy.
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Development of AI

In December 2019, Element, RC Module and HighTech Group entered into a cooperation agreement in the area of developing AI hardware platforms and solutions in Russia. The companies will work together to develop strategies for supplying the Russian market with domestically produced AI hardware solutions in order to reduce reliance on foreign producers of specialised AI computer systems, to create an effective ecosystem for neural network learning and offer new solutions in the area of AI-enabled electronics.
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Сonsortium in telecommunication

In November 2019, Element, Sozvezdie Concern (part of Rostec) and Rostelecom set up a consortium for developing domestically produced equipment for communication networks to ensure security and reliability of telecom infrastructure in Russia.
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Vostok Centre

In September 2019, Element opened Vostok Centre, the first Russian centre for collective design of electronics in the Far East, on Russky Island on the basis of the School of Engineering and the School of Digital Economics of the Far Eastern Federal University.
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Equipment for 5G

In December 2019, Element, MTS and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (SkolTec) signed a trilateral agreement on cooperation in development and manufacturing of equipment for 5G networks based on international Open Radio Access Network standards. Successful implementation of the agreement will enable operators to stop using more expensive solutions supplied by foreign vendors. Under the agreement SkolTec will provide a platform for experiments, Element will supply a component base for testing areas and labs, while MTS will be in charge of standards and solutions required for the deployment of 5G networks.
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