East-West United Bank

European bank established in 1974 and providing asset management services to individuals and transaction banking services to businesses with a focus on Russian clients.


100 percent


697 mn €


> 155 mn €

net interest
income in 2020

11.8 mn €

net fee & commission
income in 2020

5.1 mn €

Development Strategy

East-West United Bank (EWUB) is based in Luxembourg and serves both private and corporate clients. In private banking, it helps HNWI save and grow wealth by sound capital management. Services for corporate clients range from transactional banking to treasure and credit products that help clients in managing their day-to-day operations.

In 2020, EWUB continued implementing its business strategy approved in 2018 and focused on private banking and transactional banking activities. To support the strategy, a digital transformation plan was adopted, which enable the bank to launch new banking products in these two segments and improve the efficiency of business processes. EWUB upgraded the online bank with modern functionality for its clients' transactions and managing assets.

EWUB's key goal is to grow its business in private and corporate banking. The main tasks that help achieve this goal include:

  • growing the client base by increasing EWUB's brand awareness in target markets, expanding own sales force and the network of partners, including synergies with Sistema Group companies like MTS Bank and Sistema Capital;

  • improving the client experience through investments into digital channels and infrastructure;

  • expanding the product offering.

The team

Jeannot Krecké

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Investment Advisory

Over 2 years

recommended investment horizon

In 2021, in addition to portfolio management, custody and brokerage services, EWUB introduced a new product – Investment Advisory for private banking clients who prefer to make their own investment decisions but still appreciate value of professional recommendations, opinions and investment ideas. While using Investment Advisory service, clients retain direct control of their portfolios, benefit from a simple and transparent fee structure and have no obligations regarding the minimum amount or timing of investment. EWUB clients regularly receive personalized list of recommended investments in different asset classes to form a portfolio best suited to their needs, risk appetite and cash flow requirements. All recommendations are made considering medium to long-term perspective (recommended investment horizon 2+ years).

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Corporate segment

Over 500 million euros

investment portfolio in 2020
In the corporate segment, EWUB provides its clients with transactional banking services, including cash management, credit and treasury products. The bank offers a wide range of solutions to help corporate and institutional clients trade, invest and manage liquidity as currency and interest rate risks. In 2019 the bank launched a new trade finance product line and for corporate clients and entered the European Trade Finance market having offered its customers additional opportunities in international payments via documentary operations. In 2020, the bank's investment portfolio, consisting of liquid securities and participation in syndicated loans, grew by 11% year-to-year up to 501.7 million euros.
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Private banking

Over 500 milion euros

clients' assets under management
EWUB provides private banking services to high net worth individuals (HNWI), including personal and family investment and wealth management services.
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Digital deposit platform

About 5,000

active clients as of the end of 2020
EWUB diversify its funding base through the fully digital deposit platform – East West Direkt, servicing retail clients in Luxembourg and Germany since its launch in 2017. As of the end of 2020, the platform serves some 5,000 owners of deposit accounts and has the highest customer service rating on Test.de, an independent German consumer-rights platform.
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EWUB launches Investment Advisory services
8 July 2021

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