Binnopharm Group

A full-cycle pharmaceutical holding company with the production sites in several regions of Russia. Binnopharm Group companies produce a wide range of drugs of various therapeutic areas and have the largest portfolio of drugs among Russian manufacturers.

72.2 percent

in 2021

25.5 bn ₽


> 450 medicines


> 20 dosage forms

Development Strategy

Binnopharm Group was established in 2020 as a result of the consolidation of Sistema's stakes in the pharmaceutical assets. The holding company includes five modern production sites across Russia: Alium JSC (formerly OBL Pharm; Serpukhov district, Moscow region), Binnopharm JSC (two sites at Zelenograd and Krasnogorsk), Sintez JSC (Kurgan) and Biocom JSC (Stavropol). Binnopharm Group is engaged in development and production of drugs, sales of products and active promotion of drugs in the markets of Russia and the CIS.

In February 2021, in accordance with the strategy of strengthening its position on the pharmaceuticals market and transforming Binnopharm Group into an industry leader, Sistema and VTB Group (its financial partner in the development of the pharmaceuticals business) contributed their 56.2% stake in OJSC Sintez to the equity of Binnopharm Group to create a pharmaceutical holding company. At the same time, Sistema, VTB Group and a consortium of investors consisting of the Russia-China Investment Fund and major Middle East funds contributed an 85.6% stake in JSC Alium to the equity of Binnopharm Group. Subsequently, Sistema has increased its stake together with the financial partner. In June, VTB Capital invests in the holding company. 

Provided to the operational integration of Sintez (includes Biocom) and Alium (includes Binnopharm), the holding has become a major pharmaceutical player, which entered Top 5 in terms of sales among Russian companies in the commercial segment as of the end of 2020.

The strategic goals of Binnopharm Group are:

  • to become one of the leaders in the Russian  pharmaceutical market, 

  • to enhance the sales development and expand its presence in foreign markets,

  • to improve the company’s operational efficiency and investment appeal.

Annual revenue


Financial performance 2021

+ 19.3 %


+ 48.7 %


3.4 billion ₽

Net profit

31.8 %.

OIBDA margin

Revenue in 2021 increased by 19.3% to RUB 25.5 billion, due to Binnopharm Group products' sales growth in all segments of the pharmaceutical market. The hospital segment grew by 27%, export sales – by 15%, while retail sales increased by 20%. Sales of products aimed at improving quality of life were the main drivers of this growth. 

OIBDA grew by 48.7% to RUB 8.1 billion on the back of revenue growth, control of SG&A expenses and optimisation of the product portfolio. 

Net profit increased by 72.9% to RUB 3.4 billion in 2021, driven by OIBDA trends.

See all Binnopharm Group's financial results.

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Product portfolio

Over 450

marketing authorisations for drugs

Over 100 drugs

are included in the list of vital and essential
The Group’s diversified portfolio comprises more than 450 marketing authorisations for drugs in the major medical areas: gastroenterology, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, neurology, musculoskeletal disorders and dermatology. More than 100 drugs from Binnopharm Group’s portfolio are included in the list of vital and essential drugs. Binnopharm Group companies produce vaccine Sputnik V against COVID-19 and number of drugs recommended by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for the treatment and prevention of coronavirus infection, along with test systems for its diagnosis.
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Alium JSC

~ 200

prescription and OTC drugs

№ 1

production facility for vaccines in ampoules

Alium was created through the merger of Binnopharm, a pharmaceuticals company established by Sistema in 2006, and OBL Pharm, one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies.

JSC Binnopharm is one of Russia's largest full-cycle biopharmaceutical companies producing biotechnological drugs, including the COVID0-19 and hepatitis B vaccines, a line of pulmonology and neurology drugs, infusion solutions, and anti-viral and immunomodulating drugs. Modern production facilities allow the company to produce a wide range of dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, ampoules, suppositories, syringes and solutions. Binnopharm operates Russia's largest GMP facilities for the production of vaccines in ampoules (producing as many as 80 mln ampoules per year) and a unique, fully equipped quality control laboratory.

OBL Pharm is an asset Sistema acquired in 2019 as a part of an investment consortium. This is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies that since 1994 develops, manufactures and promotes the latest high-quality medications in compliance with GMP and ISO standards. It produces over 150 prescription and OTC drugs in several therapeutic areas: gastroenterology, cardiology, phlebology, pain relief, insomnia, neurology, male health and others. The company's portfolio includes both innovative products and generics.

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production facilities

450 million

units of drugs per year

+3.8 %

total output in units in 2020

Over 206 thousand

units of solutions produced in 2020
Binnopharm Group consists of five production sites, which employ more than 4,300 people: Binnopharm plant in the Zelenograd district of Moscow and the industrial facilities in the Krasnogorsk and Serpukhov districts of the Moscow region, Sintez medicines manufacturer in Kurgan and Biocom pharmaceutical enterprise in Stavropol. The Group’s production facilities can manufacture most of the existing dosage forms with a total output of more than 450 mn units of drugs per year. One of the Group’s key advantages is in-house production of ingredients with a capacity of more than 200 t per year.

The total output in units increased by 3.8%, but there was reallocation towards drugs aimed at combating COVID-19, namely injection and infusion solutions.
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Research and development


cities of Russia


centres of competence

Over 90

specialists are engaged in R&D

Over 35

drugs registered in 2020
Binnopharm Group has a modern research and development (R&D) division, which includes five centres of competence for the development of bio products, solid, soft and liquid dosage forms as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients. The aggregate area of these centres exceeds 1,500 sq m. They employ more than 90 highly qualified specialists with previous experience at large pharmaceutical, R&D and test labs. The Group’s R&D is able to provide more than 40 new drugs in more than 45 dosage forms annually for the company’s portfolio.
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Sintez OJSC

88.6 %

Binnopharm Group's effective stake in Sintez

№ 1

for antibiotic production among domestic manufacturers


main workshops


production lines
Sintez has been producing medicines since 1958 and today it s one of Russia’s ten largest pharmaceutical companies by product output and the leading manufacturer of antibiotics among domestic manufacturers in the market.

The company's production facilities meet the Russian GMP standards and include 7 floors and 28 production lines for manufacturing 15 dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, powders, drops, sprays, suspensions, solutions, ointments, gels and creams. In addition to ready drugs, Sintez in Kurgan produces active pharmaceutical substances through chemical synthesis and extraction from biological and animal sources. The substances are also used for manufacturing of in-house drugs. 

Sintez owns Biocom, which has been working on the market of immune and biological pharmaceuticals since 1991, and nowadays is a modern manufacturer of high-quality generics. Its plant in Stavropol meets the European GMP standards.

In August 2019, Sistema, together with VTB Group, acquired a 46.5% equity stake in Sintez. In May 2020, Sistema and VTB Group increased their stake in Sintez to 56.2%. In March 2021 Sistema acquired 32.4% of Sintez from National Immunobiological Company (Nacimbio). In May Binnopharm Group has increased its stake in OJSC Sintez to 88.6%.

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Binnopharm Group expands product portfolio
27 June 2022
Binnopharm Group enters into agreement to acquire two anti-bacterial brands from Dr. Reddy’s in the Russia & CIS region
21 February 2022
Sistema increases effective stake in Binnopharm Group to 75.3%
14 December 2021
Binnopharm Group to open representative offices in six countries as part of its international expansion
3 December 2021