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Development Strategy

Aeromax began its operations in 2017 by providing services to Sistema Group companies. Today the company owns internally developed unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and industry-specified digital solutions. It provides a full range of services using  UAS, being a developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), as well as an integrator of digital solutions with geospatial data for various sectors of the economy: oil and gas sector, power grid companies, forestry, agriculture, construction, urban and transport infrastructure. Furthermore, the company's specialists carry out surveying and 3D modelling of underwater objects and hydraulic structures.

The asset is developing actively. The revenue of Aeromax in 2020 grew 5.5 times compared to 2019. In 2021, the company signed several cooperation agreements in the development and application of UAS with the Vladimir and Kostroma regions, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the Russian Post and the National Radio Engineering Bureau.

The company's strategy is aimed at achieving a leading position among UAS operators in the Russian Federation, entering the international market and launching serial production of UAVs with internally developed payloads.

The team

Valery Shantsev

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Sergey Akhmetshin



Unmanned aerial vehicles

Up to 14 hours

of a flight duration

Up to 180 kg

of a payload

Aeromax’s fleet includes unique unmanned aerial vehicles of aircraft and helicopter types with a flight duration of up to 14 hours and a payload of up to 180 kg and fully autonomous drone in a box solution with the ability to operate 24/7:

  • fixed-wing and hybrid vertical take-off and landing UAVs,

  • single-rotor helicopters,

  • large and small copters.

Furthermore, to solve a wide range of tasks, the company has internally developed optoelectronic systems, active phased array radars, freight shipping containers and fire extinguishing systems.

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Completed projects

2200 km of power lines

examined in Bashkortostan

2 million hectares

assessed in the Trans-Baikal Territory
Over the past two years, the company has implemented several large projects in various industries:
  • Medical supplies delivery testing using UAV in the Tomsk region.
  • Forest inventory in the Sakhalin Region on an area of 186 thousand hectares and analysis of forest resources on an area of 2 million hectares with a comprehensive assessment of economic feasibility of implementing an investment project in the Trans-Baikal Territory.
  • Vectoring agricultural lands in several districts of the Tyumen region 
  • Complex IT solution based on aerial and space imagery analysis with GIS systems for forestry management.
  • 2200 km of high voltage power lines examined in Bashkortostan.
  • Development of an innovative system for pipeline monitoring, which allows for real-time data flow from patrolling UAVs.
  • An advanced security system using UAVs for ensuring security and monitoring of the perimeter of large-scale objects with 15 times higher efficiency than traditional video surveillance systems.
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UAS services and industry-specific digital solutions

Aeromax provides services for aerial photography, inspection and geodetic works, cargo delivery to remote areas.

The company monitors long linear facilities (power transmission lines and oil and gas pipelines), construction works, infrastructure and environmental changes, the state of agricultural land and agro-technological operations (ploughing, cleaning, fertilizing), an inspection of underwater facilities and hydraulic structures. For the enterprises of the forestry complex, the company carries out forest management and forest design, forest pathological monitoring, air patrolling of forest areas during a fire-hazardous period and assessment of the consequences of forest fires.

Digital solutions developed by Aeromax allow visualizing the obtained data and results on the geoportal (creating a 3D model of terrain and objects) with the possibility of automatic information processing using artificial intelligence and machine vision technologies to solve urgent industry problems. The geoportal is universal and integrates with any information systems of customers.

The company also provides a full range of services based on Earth remote sensing data and the use of modern data processing and analysis technologies - from filming to the preparation of expert opinions and the development of project documentation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
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Products and customers

Over 200 construction sites

under monitoring in Moscow region

Over 100 environmental violations

identified in St. Petersburg
Aeromax products allow you to optimize the budgetary costs of government customers, minimize costs and maximize business profits through the implementation of advanced information processing technologies with the optimal configuration of hardware and software. Among the company's clients are large commercial enterprises, state corporations and administrations of Russian regions.
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