RTI is a group of leading Russian enterprises that develop and manufacture surveillance and information systems, comprehensive security and decision support solutions, land-based and on-board means of communication, as well as communication and navigation equipment for spacecraft. RTI possesses a sophisticated R&D infrastructure and well-equipped serial production facilities employing more than 10,000 researchers, designers, engineers and other highly qualified specialists.

Business overview

Surveillance & Information Systems

One of RTI's key areas of focus is development of unique surveillance and information systems, including over-the-horizon and early warning radars, unrivalled in the global market. RTI performs a full cycle of operations including development, production, construction and maintenance of multi-functional radar stations, upgraded early warning radars, space monitoring systems, as well as radar systems for situational awareness and communication. This segment is of strategic importance for national security and includes the following: prefabricated radar stations for missile warning systems, radioelectronic systems for space monitoring, over-the-horizon sky-wave and surface-wave radars, and unique systems for detection of all types of air and space targets.

Automated Control Solutions

Creation of automated systems for decision support, big data processing and analysis, simulation and situation control for operators of strategically important facilities, law enforcement agencies and other organisations. RTI has competences in applying both standard and unique customised solutions, which are certified for compliance with the strictest reliability and informational security requirements.

Communications & On-Board Systems

Development and manufacturing of on-board, stationary, portable and vehicle-carried means of communication in a broad spectrum band for solving civilian and defence tasks in the air, space and sea as well as on the ground.

Scientific research

The company's research team ensures long-term innovative development and achievement of strategic goals. Priorities include development and implementation of innovative technologies in the course of creation, modernisation and technical maintenance of systems for monitoring land and water surface, and airspace. Our team designs new systems and solutions through development, convergence and localisation of best-in-class technologies. We focus our efforts on studying new methods of data processing and analysis, terahertz technologies, ionosphere and radio-photonic technologies.

One of top 5 microelectronics producers in Europe
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Key Executives

Pavel Laptaev


Oleg Mubarakshin

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Corporate website: http://www.oaorti.ru/