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Sistema's real estate business is comprised of a number of companies, the key ones being Leader Invest, Business Nedvizhimost, and Mosdachtrest. Sistema's strategy in real estate is focused on increasing the value of its portfolio with a view to monetisation through rental, property development, or sale.

Business description

Leader Invest, Sistema's property development business, invests in and builds comfort-, business-, premium-, and deluxe-class housing and high-quality commercial real estate and carries out comprehensive development projects in Moscow. The company's asset portfolio numbers 29 properties with a total area of 3 million sq.m.

Leader Invest completed its first housing project in November 2015, when it commissioned a 16,000 sq.m apartment building at Izumrudnaya Street in the North-East Administrative District of Moscow, followed by the Dekart Business Centre and business-class residential properties at Samarinskaya and Lyusinovskaya streets, all commissioned within a brief period between December 2015 and March 2016. In April 2016 Leader Invest embarked upon a new premium-class residential project at Pokrovsky Bulvar in the very heart of Moscow. In parallel, it is now preparing to commission two new residential blocks at Rogozhsky Val and Nagatinskaya Street, launch another 16 construction projects with a total area of roughly 200,000 sq.m, and start three comprehensive property development projects at Nagatino i-Land, ZIL-Yug, and Lobachevskogo street. Of the 16 construction projects, five are scheduled to begin in the short term. When designing and building new projects, Leader Invest takes great care to preserve Moscow's architectural and historical heritage, seeing its mission in renovation and enhancement of the city's environment, with comfort and betterment of standards of living its top priorities.

Leader Invest owns a 75% stake in OJSC Moscow Business Incubator (MBI), which manages the Nagatino i-Land business park. The park's business cluster offers B+ offices with class A utilities and façade solutions, as well as restaurants and cafés for the more than 10,000 people that work on site.

Business Nedvizhimost has a unique pool of properties: grand homes in the centre of Moscow, office and commercial space, business centres located almost in each district of the capital as well as manufacturing and storage facilities in Moscow and the Moscow region. As of the end of 2015, it managed a portfolio of properties with a total area of over 390,000 sq.m.

Mosdachtrest is a management company whose operations are mostly related to the lease and maintenance of cottages (in Serebryany Bor, Barvikha, Trudovaya) and office buildings in Moscow. Mosdachtrest managed 35,000 sq.m. of cottage space as of the end of 2015.

Key Executives

Evgeny Rubtsov


Felix Evtushenkov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Key Executives
Business Nedvizhimost:

Stanislav Hatskevich


Leonid Monosov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Key Executives

Evgeniy Kaplun


Sergey Shishkin

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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