Medsi Group is Russia’s largest national healthcare chain, offering a full range of preventive, diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation services for children and adults.

Business overview

Medsi's strategy is aimed at building the largest federal medical chain in Russia combining three main components: healthcare, training and research. The main goal is to create an innovative platform based on a vertically integrated system of medical care with elements of P4 medicine (Predictive, Preventive, Personalised and Participatory) and to become a leader in the field of healthcare in Russia.

In 2018 Medsi became the absolute leader among private clinics across the Moscow region in terms of volume of services provided to patients with cancer, servicing more than 11 thousand people. Medsi’s revenue for 2018 increased by 52.1% to RUB 17.7 billion due to increased capacity utilisation and, higher revenue from the CDC at Krasnaya Presnya in Moscow as well as the expansion of the clinic network following acquisitions of clinics in St Petersburg and Perm and the opening of three new clinics in Moscow. The average cheque increased by 43.4% to RUB 2.1 thsd, primarily due to the increased proportion of complex procedures in the in-patient segment and the diagnostic segment, and also due to the effect of higher prices in line with market trends.

New high-precision diagnostic equipment and modern surgical technology brought about a significant increase in the quantity, quality and volumes of medical services, with a 6% rise in visits and an almost 18% increase in the volume of services. Continuing the trend started in 2017, the company drove up MMI revenues (+269% from 2017) and became a stronger player in the market of specialised and hi-tech hospital care.

Medsi’s largest clinical & diagnostic centre – CDC Krasnaya Presnya, with a floorspace of over 20,000 square metres and a successful track record since its opening in late 2015 — is steadily evolving in terms of both occupancy rates (9% increase on 2017) and financials (revenue more than doubled from 2017). New centres of excellence launched here in 2018 use state-of-the-art equipment and best-in-class experts.

Medsi’s priorities in 2019 are expanding the capacity and spectrum of services offered at CDC Krasnaya Presnya and launching the final construction stage at MSMC Michurinsky. In parallel, the company is renovating two family clinics in residential neighbourhoods of Moscow and the Moscow region (to be opened by the end of the year) and planning to launch new facilities in another two regions of Russia (also by the end of 2019).

Another priority item on the company’s agenda is inclusion in the Ministry of Health’s Hi-Tech Healthcare Providers List, which would open up access to federal financing and so bring hi-tech care to Medsi’s hospitals from 2020 onwards. At the moment, Medsi only provides hi-tech services to residents of the Moscow region, financed by OMI funds in Moscow and the Moscow region.

In January 2018, Medsi first launched its telemedicine platform developed in conjunction with MTS. In 2019, the company plans to further evolve the solution through new services and a special mobile app.

Key Executives

Elena Brusilova


Artem Sirazutdinov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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