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Your Investment Proposals

Sistema is constantly looking for new points of growth and studying new investment opportunities. The Corporation's objective is to develop cooperation and partnerships with leading international and Russian companies in order to exchange experience and expertise in various sectors and enhance the efficiency of investments. We welcome your ideas and investment proposals provided they meet our investment criteria.

Investment criteria:

  • Size and returns: Sistema focuses on large and medium-sized assets with a potential to become market leaders through synergies, industry consolidation, and efficient investment and operational strategies. We acquire assets that have a high-quality management team, an acceptable debt level and stable cash flow, and we expect to double our investment in cash over 5 years.
  • Industries and sectors: Sistema mostly invests in sectors complementary to those of its existing investments and may also invest in new, attractive industries, including export-oriented ones, provided there is an industry partner.
  • Geography: Our main geographies for investment are Russia and the CIS, but we will also consider expanding our footprint as a way to diversify our investment portfolio.


If you have investment proposal and it meets the above criteria, please fill in the form below.

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